October 7, 2020

Charles Tucker Ushers Justice to the Present Day in Top-Notch Law Firm

The many dangers perpetuated by the media and by the larger society have since magnified the demand for justice. This concerning level of injustice is the very issue that Charles Tucker works to address. Issues of oppression and injury are hard to grasp fully, and finding oneself on the receiving end is even more challenging. And so, with the vision to be the voice of the voiceless, Mr. Tucker built his firm, Tucker Moore Group LLP.

The practice of law is now known to be one of the more prevalent scrutiny and examination subjects. For years now, the law profession has garnered increased interest. This has pushed and raised the expectations of what makes a good lawyer and the right firm. Ethics, honesty, analytical skills, and responsiveness are only a few of the qualities attributed to respectable attorneys.

To fully realize his dreams of justice, Mr. Tucker established Tucker Moore Group LLP, a firm that strongly believes in hard work and which rises to the challenge of difficult cases with genuine labor and good results. It wishes to represent employees who were wrongfully terminated or sexually harassed at the workplace; employees discriminated against based on sex, race, or age; and those in custody disputes and divorce. It hopes to give a fighting chance to those who have criminal charges against them and those who face the overwhelming hurdle of bankruptcy or outstanding debt.

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