October 7, 2020

Tucker Moore Group Upholds Victim’s Rights in Workplace

The violation of rights, especially sexual assault and wrongful termination, are rampant issues in the workplace. Although justice is served hot in most cases, there are some unfortunate cases that are either unreported or dismissed in the court. Wary of the injustices the victims suffer through, Tucker Moore Group seeks to bring justice to the individuals that are yet to receive the fairness they deserve.

Movements to stop racial discrimination and misogyny entail a long history of successes and dips. For centuries, people of color have expressed their ire toward the unfair experiences they have long suffered. Women have also been subject to misogyny in different situations and contexts. Individuals have been sexually harassed in the workplace due to the color of their skin and their gender identity. Race and sex, as well as age, have been basis to wrongfully dismiss and discriminate against individuals in the workforce.

With all the unfair treatment in the workplace, Tucker Moore Group LLP has sworn to fight for the victim’s right. The firm is led by Charles Tucker, Jr., a skilled litigator with years of experience in heading complex domestic violence cases, homicides and special victim cases. The company, which has offices in Maryland, Virginia and New York, is also eager to represent in custody cases, bankruptcy, and divorce.

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