Greg Smith

Greg Smith Esq. is a lawyer based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He offers premier legal services specializing in immigration, municipal, and bankruptcy. He is a former prosecutor with more than 15 years of experience in criminal law. He has a commitment to excellence and a client-friendly approach, you can count on him to enjoy working with.

J. Gregory Smith is a seasoned and skilled trial lawyer licensed to practice in New Jersey, the Federal District Court of New Jersey and Western Jurisdiction of Pennsylvania Federal District Court and District of Columbia Federal District Court. His extensive legal experience includes over six years as a Camden County, New Jersey Prosecutor.  During that time, he managed hundreds of cases through all stages of the criminal justice system, from juvenile criminal court matters to grand jury to murder cases in adult criminal court.  This experience equips him with a unique prospective in handling criminal defense.

As an Assistant Prosecutor, Greg received training exclusive to law enforcement on broad ranging investigatory and legal topics.  Additionally, during his time in private practice and his year and a half time at the Kalamazoo City Attorney’s office, he gained experience in civil litigation, legal documentation drafting to include memoranda of law, pleadings, and motions for summary judgment.  He also has experience in extensive municipal court matters, real estate contract review, corporate contract negotiations and mediation and has implemented quality draftsmanship and oversight of local government contracts.